Our Mission

Companies today need to embrace the growing need for mobility, flexibility, and community in the work experience, but most aren’t equipped to do so.

We know firsthand how increased flexibility and engagement leads to better productivity and happiness. Spark Labs enables companies to stay ahead of the game by providing employees, business travelers, and entrepreneurs access to a global network of curated & vetted workspaces and a platform dedicated to their success.

Management Team
Founder & CEO
Spark Labs | New York
Christophe Garnier
Spark Labs | New York
Ginger Dhaliwal
Spark Labs | New York
Pierre Davidoff
Spark Labs | New York
Adrien Gautier
CEO & Co-Founder
PeopleDoc | New York
Jonathan Benhamou
Bodhi | New York
JC Jung
Managing Partner
White Space Group | New York
Ashley John Heather
MLD | San Diego
Mel Lim
CEO & Founder
Yeh IDeology | New York
Angela Yeh
CEO & Founder
Insensi | New York
Ilan Abehassera
Second Life | Miami
Mark Kingdon
CEO & Founder
Common | New York
Brad Hargreaves